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QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

Czym jest QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online to oprogramowanie i aplikacja księgowa dla małych firm, która umożliwia zarządzanie firmą w dowolnym miejscu i czasie. QuickBooks, używane przez ponad 4,5 miliona klientów, zapewnia inteligentne narzędzia dla firmy, a jednocześnie jest łatwe w użyciu. Można organizować księgi, zarządzać wydatkami, wysyłać faktury, śledzić inwentarz, a nawet prowadzić listę płac. Dzięki QuickBooks Online można organizować się, oszczędzać czas, a nawet szybko otrzymywać płatności, dodając funkcje płatności. A co najlepsze, możesz wypróbować je bezpłatnie przez 30 dni.

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QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

4,3 (6 450)
36,00 USD
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4,2 (6 450)
4,1 (6 450)
4,0 (6 450)
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15,00 USD
Wersja bezpłatna
Bezpłatna wersja próbna
4,3 (620)
4,4 (620)
4,2 (620)
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Creative Director/Founder w kraju: USA
Zweryfikowany użytkownik LinkedIn
Marketing i reklama, Pracownicy: 2–10
Wykorzystano oprogramowanie w następującym celu: 6–12 miesięcy
Źródło recenzenta

I Love the Access I have with Quickbooks Online

5,0 3 lata temu

Komentarze: As I already said, I love the direct access to my numbers and the added reporting that has allowed me to better run my company by quickly getting insights I need. It's a lot easier for customers to pay online and I'm finding more and more of the moving that direction vs. sending in checks, so it's good that we are set up in this way now.


I started using desktop Quickbooks back in 2000 right after I first started the company. As a single-person company at first, I got used to being in the books almost every day. As we grew we added an in-house Bookkeeper. A few years ago I relocated the company to a different area and we kept our Bookkeeper who stayed in the original area. I really missed having direct access to the numbers so last year I switch to Quickbooks Online and I love it. In addition to having direct access to the numbers I need, it has a lot of other functionality and reporting that I really like. It's also great for clients to easily pay the invoices online. It's making a night and day difference. Support has been great as well.


It's definitely very expensive to be paying a pretty high fee every month - especially compared to the desktop version where we bought it and were good for years to come. It's definitely worth it but I'd be more of an evangelist if the pricing was a little easier on the pocket book.

Director w kraju: Kanada
Księgowość, Pracownicy: 2–10
Wykorzystano oprogramowanie w następującym celu: ponad 2 lata
Źródło recenzenta

Main bookkeeping tool

4,0 2 miesiące temu Nowy

Komentarze: One of the highest priced software but has the most capabilities if your business needs them.


Allows for easy collaboration on bookkeeping and accounting file.


Lack of ability to pay bills directly in QuickBooks with online payments.

Owner w kraju: USA
Zdrowie, wellness i fitness, Pracownicy: 2–10
Wykorzystano oprogramowanie w następującym celu: ponad 1 rok
Źródło recenzenta
Źródło: SoftwareAdvice

Not worth your time and effort

1,0 w zeszłym miesiącu Nowy

Komentarze: Horrible. An absolute waste of time. This was my biggest mistake as a business owner.


It appeared to be user friendly and easy to use for a small business owner.


I don't even know where to start. I have Quickbooks, used it for payroll (until yesterday), and have a quickbooks checking account. First off, there are no checks with the checking account. How does this make sense? They literally hold your money hostage and then charge astronomical fees for transfers. I have tried repeatedly to call when I can not transfer money because the system says I have reached my transfer limit which is $5000 in a day and $10000 in a week. They check my account, acknowledge the account is okay and I have not reached my limit, but can not fix the problem. Secondly, as of yesterday I am no longer using QB for payroll. I thought it was so convenient at first and ran payroll with them for months only to recently be hit with insufficient funds notices. My account was never insufficient. I have had many representatives acknowledge this but still the only solution is to transfer money to another account, the money that was already in QB, then wire it back in along with another $100. Also, a $25 charge from my other account. After this has happened for a second time I will now use my other business account with a real bank for payroll. QB is the biggest rip off. If I could post this review all over the internet I would. My longest call was 3 hours! I was transferred all over. They are absolutely ridiculous and I would advise any new business owner to seek another software. I am literally typing this message after being told "you have not reached your transfer limit so I am not sure why you are getting this message". My other favorite line is "your account is not insufficient, so I am not sure why this has happened". This review asks for the date of experience. Everyday! If they check my call log I call weekly, sometimes daily. I regret investing in QB and the amount of time I waste for issues.

Office Administrator w kraju: Kanada
Budownictwo lądowe, Pracownicy: 2–10
Wykorzystano oprogramowanie w następującym celu: ponad 2 lata
Źródło recenzenta

Easy to use and cheap

5,0 2 miesiące temu

Komentarze: Incredibly easy to use as long as you don't need the helpdesk. Let's us do everything from timekeeping, to payroll, invoicing, taxes, expenses and reporting.


Price and ease of use. Quickbooks includes all the things we need to run our small business and costs less than what others cost just for payroll.


The helpdesk is completely useless. I've spent at least 100 hours in the last year to get issues resolved that end up not getting fixed, I fix it myself, or I knew what needed fixing and it took forever to get somebody to do it.

Accounting Assistant w kraju: USA
Produkcja elektryczna/elektroniczna, Pracownicy: 201–500
Wykorzystano oprogramowanie w następującym celu: ponad 2 lata
Źródło recenzenta

QB Online

5,0 2 miesiące temu Nowy

Komentarze: Fast and easy to switch over from desktop QB and then easy to use once you log in and begin wik


User friendly and works great. Do not normally have any issues when using and even if there are, usually easy to fix and continue working afterwards.


Took a while to get everyone in the company onboard with using something new but once we did, it has worked good. Sometimes there are little hiccups, which can be distracting but all in all, easy to use once you get the hang